About me

A incongruous blend of left- and right-brained thinking, I am on a constant lookout for practical yet creative ways of making the world function better.

I have managed to combine passions for communications, international development and markets into my worklife as the Deputy Director of Agriculture for Impact, an initiative based at Imperial College London which looks at European policies and funding of African agriculture.  I’m also a Trustee of the international charity Self Help Africa.

I am almost always up for conversations about: the post-American world order, branding, China, land rights, sensible environmentalism, visual art, microfinance, cooking, sports, behavioural economics, entrepreneurial ideas, and off-beat places to travel (75 countries and counting!).

Graduate of Yale University (BA in History) and the London School of Economics (MSc in Development Management).  I speak Mandarin Chinese and French as well as some Spanish.

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